Picture of the Day: A “wiring diagram” of the monkey brain

Jan. 31, 2013: Cognitive Computing researchers at IBM are developing a new generation of “neuro-synaptic” computer chips inspired by the organization and function of the brain.

Picture of the Day: 3D Panorama from Mars

Curiosity is taking somewhat of a break. It’s not tired or anything, but the alignment of the Earth, Sun and Mars make it impossible to communicate with the rover.

Picture of the Day: Cygnus Mass Simulator separates from Orbital’s Antares rocket

This image almost looks like an artist’s concept, but is an actual photo taken by a camera on board Orbital Science’s Antares rocket showing the Cygnus mass simulator shortly after separation from the rocket’s upper stage. Antares launched on April 21 for its first test flight – dubbed the A-One mission. The goal of the […]

Picture of the Day: No it’s not a spaceship

Picture of the Day: The Z Machine

Used to study the physical properties of dense stars like white dwarfs, Sandia National Laboratory’s Z Machine looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie!

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