Antarctic observatory finds first extraterrestrial, high-energy Neutrinos

The massive IceCube neutrino detector, buried in the Antarctic, has detected a total of 28 neutrinos that could have extraterrestrial origin. Scientists are excited about the discovery, as it could be a first step towards a completely new way of doing astronomy.

Revolutionary Muon experiment to begin

    Scientists from 26 institutions around the world are planning a new experiment that could open the doors to new realms of particle physics. But first, they have to bring the core of this experiment, a complex electromagnet that spans 50 feet in diameter, from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory in […]

Does Antimatter fall upwards?

What goes up must always come down, right? Well, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN) wants to test if that principle applies to antimatter.

Mathematic proof that the Universe had a Beginning

There are probably more theories floating around to explain the birth, life and death of the universe than for any other scientific concept. Some scientists champion the idea of the Big Bang that created everything around us, others postulate that that we live in a steady state universe with no beginning or end. Now, math […]

The true scale of the Universe! [Amazing & interactive]

Click here for an amazing online webapp from Cary Huang that will give you a tour from the smallest to the largest thing there can be in our universe!

LHC: Proof of matter/antimatter difference in Bs Mesons

Antimatter is the exact opposite of matter, the same particles with their charge switched around. That’s the popular view, but it’s not quite accurate. Not all particle/antiparticle pairs are exact opposites.

Particle Physics Research Sheds Light On Possible ‘Fifth Force of Nature’

In a breakthrough for the field of particle physics, Professor of Physics Larry Hunter & colleagues at Amherst College & The University of Texas at Austin have established new limits on what scientists call “long-range spin-spin interactions” between atomic particles.

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