The stunning 3D Printed House and its rooms (Made of Salt)

Those following the news in the 3D printing industry might be aware that the 3D printing of buildings isn’t so Sci-Fi as it sounds anymore.

Have you been Catfished? [Infographic]

As the cliche goes, love is pain. We put ourselves through obstacle courses of pain and humiliation, in the hopes of finding that special someone. We let people into our lives when we’re at our most vulnerable, and most susceptible to emotional destruction. In the age of the internet, flirting, dating, hooking-up, and whatever else […]

Terrorists planning UK bomb attack exposed by Microsoft Word

Believe it or not, but Microsoft Word is not only a terrific productivity tool, but also a great counter-terrorism weapon, as the app recently helped British police expose two terrorists planning a bomb attack in the UK.

Earthquake strikes Iran, death toll feared to reach hundreds

As reported, Iran has just been hit by a major earthquake that was felt by neighboring countries as well. The USGS says that its magnitude was one of 7.8, yet the Iranian Seismological Center places the shake at 7.5 on the Richter scale.

Could New Flu Spark Global Flu Pandemic?

New Bird Flu Strain Seen Adapting to Mammals, Humans A genetic analysis of the avian flu virus responsible for at least nine human deaths in China portrays a virus evolving to adapt to human cells, raising concern about its potential to spark a new global flu pandemic.

Meteor streaks over East Coast: Millions of Americans witness fireball of yard-long rock entering atmosphere

This past Friday evening, around 7:50 p.m., a meteor flew over the US East Coast. Due to the meteor’s putting on quite a show, millions got the chance to become aware of its presence and take one good look at it as it passed through the sky.

Archaeologists found 35 pyramids in Sudan

Between the years 2009 – 2012, researchers working at the Sedeinga archaeological site in Sudan succeeded in pinning down and unearthing a total of 35 ancient pyramids, neatly packed together and relatively small.

Mysterious radiation ring briefly encircled Earth

Last September most people did not know that a previously unseen ring of radiation encircled the planet for almost an entire month.

Mt. Etna’s Eruption As Seen from Space

Mount Etna has been putting on a show lately, a scary show for those living nearby, but a spectacular one nonetheless. The recent eruption only resulted in stunning YouTube videos and not in any damage.

Pluto’s newest moons to be named Vulcan & Cerberus!

Unsurprisingly perhaps, Vulcan and Cerberus have come out as the top names in the vote to decide what to call the two Pluto moons that haven’t been officially named yet.

Asteroid Flies Safely Past Earth; Meteor Strikes

An asteroid about 45 meters in diameter flew very near, but safely past, our planet Friday, while a much smaller meteor caused panic and chaos in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Meteorite Falls in Russia, 400 Injured, Extensive Damages

As reported, this Friday morning Russia’s Chelyabinsk region was hit by a meteorite that caused several explosions to occur. New information says that, all in all, roughly 400 people were injured as a result of this incident and had to seek medical attention.

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