Picture of the Day: The thinnest anticorrosive coating

  New research has established graphene as the thinnest known coating for protecting metals against corrosion.

Picture of the Day: Marblelike Miracle

          In a “Mindblowing Rainbow,” Vero cells from the kidney of a monkey have been exposed to a herpes virus. The virus causes them to express proteins tagged by the scientists in a rainbow of colors, bringing to mind a collection of jelly beans or marbles.   Related articles A step […]

Picture of the Day: Guess what this is

Photograph courtesy Bryan William Jones, University of Utah

Picture of the Day: Colliding binary star winds

An artist’s rendering of a colliding wind binary.     A colliding-wind binary is a binary star system in which the two members are massive stars that emit powerful, radiatively-driven stellar winds. The location where these two winds collide produces a strong shock front that can cause radio, X-ray and possibly synchrotron radiation emission. Wind […]

Picture of the Day: A “wiring diagram” of the monkey brain

Jan. 31, 2013: Cognitive Computing researchers at IBM are developing a new generation of “neuro-synaptic” computer chips inspired by the organization and function of the brain.

Picture of the Day: Sombrero

Rain falls from Saturn’s rings

Picture of the Day: Rocking Colors

Picture of the Day: The Z Machine

Used to study the physical properties of dense stars like white dwarfs, Sandia National Laboratory’s Z Machine looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie!

Picture of the Day: A canvas or… a petri dish?

Picture of the Day: Where is the Giant?

This is a picture from The Giant’s Causeway, in Northern Ireland. How was the Giant’s Causeway formed?

Picture of the Day: Oil spill on sand… Kind of.

Satellite imagery of a volcanic desert reveals its greener past: The sands of Harrat Khaybar, in the Saudi Arabian desert, weren’t always so parched. Evidence on the ground, such as fossilized hippo teeth, has led geologists to conclude that this dessicated lava field was once a lush grassland. But the case is even clearer from […]

LHC discovers D-Mesons oscillating between Matter and Antimatter

  Much of the focus of the Large Hadron Collider, at least as far as the outside world sees it, has been on the Higgs boson. While scientists haven’t yet said that they’ve discovered “the” Higgs boson, they did find something very similar.

Picture of the Day: Jewelry, or..?

Picture of the Day: A phobia for liquids

Millions of nanosize “nails” form a highly repellent surface: A trio of prismatic drops (left to right: water, ethylene glycol and ethanol) balances on a new ultra-repellent surface invented by scientists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The surface, made up of silicon spikes just 400 nanometers wide, physically repels a wide variety of liquids, including […]

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