Cthulhu dwells inside the guts of termites!?

A study recently published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE documents the presence of Cthulhu inside the guts of termites. As researchers explain, Cthulhu is actually quite useful to the termites, meaning that it helps them better digest the wood they gulp down on a daily basis.

Before anyone starts wondering how it was exactly that a fictional cosmic entity ended up inside the guts of termites, it need be said that the researchers did not really find Cthulhu.

Thus, what they found were two new microbes, which they decided to name Cthulhu macrofasciculumque and Cthylla microfasciculumque.

Sources say that these microbes move around like octopuses, and that this reminded the researchers of Cthulhu.

In all fairness, the scientists’ choosing these names for these newly discovered microbes also turned out to be a highly efficient way of drawing attention to their research, seeing how numerous people cannot help but want to read more about how Cthulhu was found inside a termite.

A picture of the now famous microbe is made available to you below.

Morphology of Cthulhu macrofasciculumque by differential interference contrast light microscopy (LM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

Two time series showing the flagellar beat pattern characteristic of Cthulhu macrofasciculumque both with a cytoplasmic undulation (top rows) and without (bottom rows).

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