Egyptian sundial 3,200 years old unearthed in the Valley of the Kings

Ancient Egyptian sundial discovered by archaelogists working in the Valley of the Kings

Ancient Egyptian sundial discovered by archaelogists working in the Valley of the Kings

Archaeologists working in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt now claim to have discovered one of the oldest Egyptian sundials currently known to the scientific community.

The sundial is presumed to be roughly 3,200 years old. It was discovered inside a worker’s hut, who most likely used it in order to keep track of his time.

Sources say that, as far as the archaeologists who made this discovery are concerned, this ancient sundial suggests that people (workers, in particular) in ancient Egypt were highly preoccupied with what we now refer to as “time management.”

“I wondered whether it could have served to regulate the workmen’s working time, to set the break at a certain time, for example,” researcher Susanne Bickel told members of the press.

As shown in the picture above, the sundial is basically a piece of limestone displaying a drawing of 12 lines and having a hole in it.

Once a stick was placed inside this hole, its shadow would have made it possible for workers to read the time.

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