New AMD Catalyst 13.2 Beta 7 +link +what’s new


It’s that time again and AMD have released a new beta version for their Catalyst drivers!

Advantages of all Betas over stable version of Catalyst 13.1 (each Beta includes the bonuses of the previous one):

NEW Beta 7

  • Resolves an intermittent hang seen in Crossfire configurations with the new Crysis 3 patch

Beta 6

  • Resolves minor anti-aliasing corruption seen in Crysis 3
  • Improves Hitman Absolution Crossfire scaling
  • Fixes graphical corruption on onbjects and textures in Call of Duty – Black Ops 2

Beta 5

  • Crysis 3 multi-player Beta: Improves CrossFire scaling by up to 40%
  • Far Cry 3: Improves performance up to 10% at 2560×1600 with 8xAA
  • New 3D Mark release: Adds CrossFire profile support for the new 3D Mark release under Windows 8

Beta 4

  • Improves performance in the Crysis 3 Multi-Player Beta by up to 50% when 4x and 8x MSAA are enabled.

Beta 3

  • Improves performance up to 15% in high MSAA cases for the Crysis 3 beta release
    • Future updates will be made to AMD Catalyst 13.2 Beta to further improve performance in Crysis 3 for both single GPU and CrossFire configurations
  • Significantly improves latency performance in Skyrim, Boderlands 2, and Guild Wars 2
  • Improves single GPU performance up to 50% for DmC Devil May Cry
  • Improves CrossFire performance up to 10% for Crysis 2
  • Resolves Texture flickering seen in DirectX9.0c applications.

Download 13.2 Beta 7 here: AMD Catalyst 13.2 Beta 7 Driver for Windows® 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista®

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